VADLO is brought to you by Life in Research, LLC., a company founded by two biology scientists who wish to make it easier to locate biology research related information on the web.

The FASTEST growing search engine in Biology, VADLO caters to all branches of life sciences. With more than 500,000 visitors and 1.5 million pageviews per month, VADLO allows scientists to search within four unique categories: Protocols, Products, Powerpoints, and Bioinformatics.

Protocols category lets you search for methods, techniques, assays, procedures, reagent recipes, plasmid maps, etc. Products category allows searching for commerically available life sciences research reagents. Powerpoints category finds powerpoint files for presentations, seminars, lectures and talks. Bioinformatics category caters calculators, servers, prediction tools, sequence alignment and manipulation tools, primer design etc.

We can not stress enough the importance of using peer-reviewed journal articles and textbooks when designing experiments or making reagents. Your first experiment should always be based on such authentic and complete sources. However, the material generously shared on the web by many groups with expertise in the field is important too. Such Lab protocols can provide you with quick reference, tips and tricks and li’l secrets – minor modifications that may make your life easy and can save a lot of time and resources. So, use VADLO with wisdom. We wish you the best!

By the way, feel free to copy the "Life in Research" Cartoons for your powerpoint presentations or display on personal blogs and webpages!

VADLO: (vud-lo) - VADLO is a large fig tree characterized by aerial roots that eventually become accessory trunks. This allows it to grow horizontally to amazing proportions. Aerial roots provide for convenient swings to the kids, who, along with eager birds, also enjoy the ripe red figs on VADLO, called Teta (Singular: Teto).

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