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Search for online bio-informatics resources, databases, biomedical software and biostatistics tools such as calculator apps, prediction tools, hosted DNA, RNA and protein sequence alignment, conversion and manipulation software applications, siRNA, shRNA, miRNA, microRNA, multiplex real-time PCR oligonucleotide primer design, prediction of antigenic properties of a peptide for antibody generation, execution of bioperl codes, biojava scripts, biopython algorithms and complex mathematical formulas. Look for web-based interface of executables and downloadable programs. You will find remote server-based execution of computationally intensive techniques such as data mining from microarray experiments, massively parallel genome nextgen sequencing projects and ChIP-Seq studies, clustering, heatmap production, pattern recognition and visualization, gene finding, mapping, genome assembly, 3-D modeling, targeted molecule design for clinical use and medical drug discovery, structure alignment, protein structure prediction, ligand-binding, domain & motif search, signaling pathway generation, transcription factor binding site prediction using matrices, promoter analysis, regulation of gene expression, charecterization of protein-protein interaction, docking, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), systems biology, phylogeny, evolution modeling etc..